Internet dating safety precautions

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In today's world even making a call can reveal your phone number (with caller ID).

If you are still not 100% sure you may want to disable caller ID or use a public phone when calling.

Repeating portions of questions or re-asking questions already covered in their profile will help you detect liars and cons, while helping you work out if you are compatible.

Offensive Messages Don't reply to rude or abusive messages, the best action for such abuse is to block the user so that they are unable to contact you again.

Rushing the online portion of the relationship increases the risks that you don't know enough about the person and their moods.

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NZDating provides an internal email/message system specifically for you to remain protected while giving you the ability to communicate with other users to learn more about them before deciding on whether or not to take the relationship further by sharing email addresses or phone numbers.

Requesting a second photo with different surroundings will give you a better feeling for the member and should prevent fake photos being used.

The ability to scan photos is very common nowadays so any excuses of not providing photos may signal that they have something to hide.

Its always good to contact your family of friends before, during and after the meeting, so that they know you are alright, having to make contact with someone else also lets the person you are meeting know that you have friends looking out for you.

It's always good to take a cell phone, that way you can arrange for your friends or family to call and check on you, rather than having to call someone yourself.

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